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Yearbooks of St. John’s University
*yearbooks were not published all years within date ranges

Yearbook College Date Range
Vincentian St. John’s College 1918-current
Closing Entry College of Business Administration 1931-1964
Warrior School of Education 1951-1959
Warrior Evening Session, Queens campus 1960-1964
Pharmalog School of Pharmacy 1932-1959
Indian University College, Brooklyn campus 1934-1954
Johnsonian University College, Brooklyn campus 1955-1964
Tomahawk University College, School of Education, Junior College, College of Business Administration, Brooklyn campus 1965-1971
Tomahawk Staten Island campus 1972-1991
A Lion’s Tale Staten Island campus 1992-1995
A Time To Celebrate Staten Island campus 1996
Mission Staten Island campus 1997-2014
The Senior St. John’s Prep 1929
The Lamp St. John’s Prep 1930
Senior Shadows St. John’s Prep 1931-1941
Prep Shadows St. John’s Prep 1941-1972
Prep Horizons St. John’s Prep 1982
The Liber School of Law 1931-1933
Res Gestae School of Law 1940-2011
Moorings Notre Dame College of Staten Island 1939-1971

The Quill

thumb_quillThe Quill, published from approximately 1949-1959, was the student newspaper of the School of Education of St. John’s University. Formerly called Teachers College, the School of Education also included the Nursing and Nursing Education programs, as well as the Library Science program for several years. According to the 1951 Warrior yearbook, The Quill was formed by Alpha Beta Phi fraternity, and became an official school activity in 1949.

The University Archives currently holds only three issues of this newspaper. Please contact the University Archives with information about any other surviving issues.

The Quill is available online here.

The Red and White

The Red and White was published by the students of St. John’s College, Brooklyn between 1921 and 1922. This magazine contains news and opinion articles, literary and poetic works, and humor by students, as well as news about the college’s sports and other extracurricular groups, students, alumni, and faculty. Also featured are class prophecies and class histories in the June 1921 and June 1922 issues.

View digitized images of The Red and White.