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St. John’s University Sports Scrapbook Collection, 1907-1966

This collection of 48 scrapbooks contains newspaper clippings, as well as some photographs and memorabilia, of various St. John’s University and St. John’s Prep athletic teams and events, primarily basketball and baseball.

Due to their fragile condition, these scrapbooks must be viewed on microfilm.

Reel #1 1923-1932
St. John’s College 1923-1926
St. John’s College 1926-1932
Reel #2 1932-1937
St. John’s College 1932-1933
St. John’s College 1936-1937
Reel #3 1940-1943
St. John’s College 1940-1941 (spine reads 1939)
St. John’s College 1942-1943 (spine reads 1942)
Reel #4 1907-1939, 1966
Theo Jollon, Baseball & Basketball:
     -Basketball 1907-08, 1908-09, 1909-10, 1910-11, 1911-12
     -Baseball 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912
St. John’s Prep & St. John’s College 1910-c.1916 (includes photographs)
St. John’s College Baseball, Arthur B. Carton, Manager 1923
St. John’s University Baseball 1949
St. John’s University, Baseball-College World Series 1966
St. John’s College, Basketball 1931-1932
St. John’s College, Basketball 1932-1933
St. John’s University, Basketball 1933-1934
St. John’s University, Basketball 1934-1935
St. John’s University, Basketball 1935-1936
St. John’s University, Basketball 1936-1937
St. John’s University, Basketball 1937-1938
St. John’s University, Basketball 1938-1939
St. John’s University, Basketball 1940-1941
Reel #5 1940-1945
St. John’s University, Basketball 1940-1941
St. John’s University, Basketball 1939-1940
St. John’s University, Basketball 1941-1942
St. John’s University, Basketball 1942-1943
St. John’s University, Basketball 1943-1944 #1
St. John’s University, Basketball 1943-1944 #2
St. John’s University, Basketball 1944-1945 #1
St. John’s University, Basketball 1944-1945 #2
Reel #6 1945-1965
St. John’s University, Basketball 1945-1946
St. John’s University, Basketball 1946-1947
St. John’s University, Basketball c.1947
St. John’s University, Basketball 1947-1949
St. John’s University, Basketball 1949-1950 #1
St. John’s University, Basketball 1949-1950 #2
St. John’s University, Basketball 1950-1951
St. John’s University, Basketball 1957-1958
St. John’s University, Athletics 1964-1965
Reel #7 1908-1916, 1923-1972
St. John’s University, Athletics 1964-1965 (continued from Reel #6)
St. John’s College, Sports Memorabilia 1908-1916
St. John’s University, Sports Memorabilia 1936-1937
St. John’s Prep, Athletic Association I 1923-1932
St. John’s Prep, Athletic Association II 1932-1937
St. John’s Prep, Athletic Association III 1937-1941
St. John’s Prep 1941-1948
St. John’s Prep 1948-1952
St. John’s Prep 1952-1959
St. John’s Prep, Basketball 1949-1950
St. John’s Prep (Finis) 1959-1972


Records of St. John the Baptist Church, Brooklyn, 1873-1989

In 1865, the Right Reverend John Loughlin, the first bishop of Brooklyn, invited the Order of the Mission of St. Vincent de Paul (the Vincentians) to found a Catholic institution of learning in Brooklyn. Led by the Reverend Edward M. Smith, C.M., a small community of Vincentians purchased a large plot of land for the college, on which was a small house for the brothers. The name originally chosen for the college in 1868 was Mary, Queen of the Isles, but by 1869 was
changed to St. John the Baptist, Bishop Loughlin’s patron. The college grounds would include a parish church, also run by the Congregation of the Mission. The cornerstone of a wooden-framed church was laid in 1869. This wooden church was soon rendered inadequately small by the growth of the parish, and in 1888 the cornerstone to a new church was laid. This new church, designed by the famed architect Patrick C. Keely, was based on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
It took six years to build the stone structure, which was finally dedicated in 1894. When St. John’s College (later, St. John’s University) moved to Queens in the late 1950’s, the direct affiliation was ended. However, it continues to serve as an active parish and as the main church of the Vincentian community that was founded in 1868.

This collection contains various programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other documents relating to St. John the Baptist Church and the Vincentian community in Brooklyn. Of note are the detailed Sunday Announcement books dating from 1873 to 1936 which list upcoming masses, meetings and events of various parish groups including the college,
parochial school, and Sunday school classes; as well as marriage banns and prayer requests for ill and deceased members of the parish.

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Digital Collection

St. John the Baptist Church 1894 program

Jollon Family Papers, 1898-1955

This collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other documents related to the Jollon family, of which several members attended St. John’s University. The majority of the papers relate to Alfred J. Jollon, who graduated from St. John’s College with a Bachelor of Arts in 1905 and a Master of Arts in 1908. He served on the St. John’s College Alumni Association and the Board of Trustees, and was awarded an Honorary Honorary Doctor of Laws from St. John’s College in 1929.

In addition, there are various documents that illustrate the university’s history, including correspondence regarding a patent filed and received by Dr. Rev. Edward J. Carey, C.M. of St. John’s College for a type of athletic hurdle equipment (filed October 21, 1922, issued April 14, 1925).

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Jollon Family Papers image


St. John’s University Scrapbook, 1870-1935

This scrapbook contains memorabilia and newspaper clippings related to St. John’s University and to the Catholic community in Brooklyn, including events held at the Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn Campus at St. John’s College Hall, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the St. John’s Seminary, the St. John’s Parochial
School, and events in celebration of John Loughlin, the first Bishop of Brooklyn (1817-1891). There are also programs for various events relating to the centenary celebration of the Miraculous Medal in 1930. A number of St. John’s University presidents, church officials, and other prominent persons related to
early St. John’s history are represented in the scrapbook.

It is inferred that Joseph W. Carroll, a student at St. John’s University from 1870-1874, was the original creator of the scrapbook because of a penmanship sample which matches the remains of correspondence long ago ripped out of the
scrapbook dating to 1870 when he was a student at St. John’s, as well as Carroll’s involvement in the various events for Bishop Loughlin included in this scrapbook.

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St. John's University Scrapbook


Student Composition Book, 1871-1874

This composition book was handwritten by seventeen students of St. John’s College, Brooklyn, New York, (founded in 1870) between 1871 and approximately 1874. The ledger has a plain cover and lined paper with no page numbers. The title page reads, “Compositions of Class of 1871-72 Saint John’s College Cor. of Lewis + Willoughby avs Brooklyn L.I. N.Y.” in decorative handwriting. The binding is fragile and the ink on some of the pages is faded.

The entries within this volume vary in length; some are shorter and authored by only one or two students, while the longest story, “Edward Bradwell” was written by nine students contributing various chapters. Only a few entries are dated. One entry describes the funeral services of the Rev. David O’Mulane, Pastor of the Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on October 25, 1873.
The seventeen student authors are listed in the roster of pupils in the St. John’s College course catalogs. The list below shows the academic years in which each student is listed, as well as their home address at the time. Several of the authors of the essays in the book were founding members of the school’s first student society the “St. John’s Literary Union.” The society’s motto was Veritas Semper Vincit (truth always prevails).

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Student Composition Book 1870's

Rev. John W. Moore, C.M. Family Papers

The Moore Family Papers include correspondence between John William Vincent Moore, seventh president of St. John’s University from 1906 to 1925, and various members of his family. Also included are several pieces of ephemera and a candlestick rumored to date from the Reformation, when it was used by priests who offered Mass surreptitiously, in secret chapels in the homes of Catholic Scots by the documentation provided. The letters from Fr. Moore detail his life as a seminary student in Germantown, Pennsylvania, his first time visiting St. John’s College in Brooklyn (a temporary assignment before he eventually became President), visiting New York City and touring several churches and other famous sites in New York for the first time, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and “the Great Bridge of Brooklyn.” He also writes about family life, including the death of his father, whose funeral he was not able to attend, and marriage advice for his sister. Letters from July and August 1914 provide information on Rev. John W. Moore in Europe (Germany, France, and Spain) at the breakout of World War One. A letter dated February 5, 1911 from “Bud,” Fr. Moore’s nephew, to his mother, Mary Weber, provides a description of his last months at the seminary in Germantown, and the reasons why he left to be with his uncle and study at St. John’s College.

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Joseph F. Keany Papers, 1866-1934

Joseph F. Keany (A.M., LL.B., LL.D., K.S.G.) was born on April 9, 1867 in Brooklyn and baptized in “old” St. James Parish, Brooklyn. He was a member of the freshman class of 1882-1883, received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1893 and the Master of Arts in 1895 from St. John’s College, Brooklyn. In 1913, he was given an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws by his alma mater and later served as a member of the Board of Trustees of St. John’s (1921-1934). Keany studied law at New York University School of Law.

He entered the legal department of the Long Island Railroad in 1894 and eventually rose to the position of general solicitor in 1916. He became a member of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum Society in 1899 and held various offices in the organization and served as Vice President until his death on January 7, 1935. In 1920, Pope Benedict XV cited Keany a Knight of St. Gregory. He served also as a trustee of St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, was a member of the Emerald Society, St. Patrick’s Society and the Catholic Benevolent Society of Brooklyn. He was a member of the New York State Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Long Island Railroad Veteran Employees Association.

The collection includes photographs, memorabilia, correspondence, a cemetery deed, documents relating to his career as an attorney, and relating to various organizations which he represented, as well as speeches, tributes and articles which are handwritten, typed, or in in published format.

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IMage of Jopseh F. Keany