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Exhibition: Original Leaves from Famous Books 1122 A.D. – 1935 A.D. and Original Leaves from Famous Bibles 1115 A.D. – 1935 A.D.

Selections from collections assembled by Otto F. Ege

September 18, 2013 – October 11, 2013

Armenian Manuscript

Armenian Manuscript Bible, 1121 A.D. One Leaf. Original Leaves from Famous Bibles, 1121 A.D. – 1935 A.D. Collection assembled by Otto F. Ege. St. John’s University Archives and Special Collections.

The Special Collections department at St. John’s University is home to a two unique collections; Original Leaves from Famous Bibles, 1121 A.D. – 1935 A.D. and Original Leaves from Famous Books 1122 A.D. – 1935 A.D (set 27 of 40). These collections were complied by Otto F. Ege, a professor of art history and private collector of manuscripts.

A selection of 24 leaves from the Otto F. Ege collections at St. John’s University will be on view in the main library.
Original leaves on view from September 18 – October 2

History of Rome / Livy, 1436 A.D. Italy. One Leaf.
The Justinian Code, 1512 A.D. Paris. Printed by Thielman Kerver. One Leaf.
Anatomy / Vesalius, 1555 A.D. Basle. Printed by Johannes Oporinus. One Leaf.
Ship of Fools / Barclay, 1570 A.D. London. Printed by John Cawood. One Leaf.
The Fourth Folio (The Tragedy of Othello) / William Shakespeare, 1685 A.D. London. Printed by H. Herringman, E. Brewster, and R. Bentley. One Leaf.
Beowulf, 1895 A.D. London. Printed by the Kelmscott Press. One Leaf.

Armenian Manuscript Bible, 1121 A.D. One Leaf
Miniature Manuscript Bible, Circa 1240 A.D. One Leaf.
King James Bible, 1611 A.D. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. Two Leaves.
Eliot Indian Bible, 1685 A.D. S. Green, Cambridge. One Leaf.
First Germantown Bible, 1743 A.D. Germantown: Gedruckt bey Christoph Saur. One Leaf.
Doves’ Bible, 1903-1905 A.D. The Doves Press No. 1 The Terrace Hammersmith. One Leaf.

Original leaves on view from October 2 – October 11

The Vulgate Bible / St. Jerome, circa 1240 A.D. Paris. One Leaf.
The Divine Comedy / Dante Alighieri, 1491 A.D. Venice. Printed by Petrus de Piasio. One Leaf.
The Nuremberg Chronicle / Dr. Hartmann Schedel, 1493 A.D. Nuremberg. Printed by Anton Koberger. One Leaf.
Metamorphoses / Ovid, 1527 A.D. Venice. Printed by Helizabeth de Rusconibus. One Leaf.
History of Plants / Gerard, 1597 A.D. London. Printed by John Norton. One Leaf.
Don Quixote / Miguel de Cervantes, 1608 A.D. Madrid. Printed by Juan De La Cuesta. One Leaf.

Paris Manuscript Bible, Circa 1310 A.D. One Leaf.
Italian Incunabula Bible, 1495 A.D. Paganinus de Paganinis: Venetiis. One Leaf.
Giunta Bible, 1519 A.D. Venetiis: Lucas Antonius de Giunta One Leaf.
Suppressed Luther Bible, 1541 A.D. Gedruckt zu Leipzig durch Nicolaum Woltrab. One Leaf.
Plantin Hebrew Bible, 1584 A.D. Antuerpiae: Ex officina Christophori Plantini. One Leaf.
London Polyglot Bible (O.T.), 1655 A.D. Londini, Imprimebat Thomas Roycroft. One Leaf.

For more information or to conduct research with these collections,
please contact the University Archives and Special Collections
at archives@stjohns.edu or 718-990-1465.

Rare Books

Rare Books

Search the rare books collection in the library’s catalog.

The St. John’s University Libraries own one of the ten extant copies of the third edition of the first German Bible printed in America. In 1776, all but a few copies of the Saur Bible were destroyed when the British invaded Germantown and converted the freshly printed leaves into litter for their horses and paper for their cartridges; hence its name–Gunwad Bible. Christoph Saur’s daughter Catherine rescued a handful of copies which she had bound for members of the family.

Among the Rare Books the Libraries also count an Ethiopian Psalter. This Amharic manuscript on vellum is attached to wooden boards and housed in its own goat-hide carrying case. Our holdings of three incunabula, a Bible printed in Venice 1492 and two different editions of St. Augustine’s works (1486 and 1497), represent the earliest Western printed book production efforts.

Much of the collection (over 800 volumes) consists of transfers from the general circulating collection and donations from parish, seminary and private clerical libraries. As a result there are several 16th- and 17th-century editions of works of the Church Fathers and 18th- and 19th-century writings of missionaries.