Digital Collections

Some of our collections are now digitized, and more will be added on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact us with questions and comments.

Student Publications:
The Radiant Light (A history of SJU written in 1955.)
The Quill 1949-1959
Army Specialized Training Program Newsletter 1944
Prep Pow Wow 1942-1943
Sparks Literary Magazine 1894-1897
The Red and White 1921-1922
FUD Times 1893
St. John’s Analyst 1928-1942
The Pyramid 1957-1965
Notre Dame College of Staten Island Publications 1935-1975
Open Line (Student Government Newsletter)
College of Pharmacy Publications
Mathematics Publications
St. John’s University Yearbook Collection 1918-current

Alumni Publications:
St. John’s Alumnus 1929-1938
Alumni Bulletin 1940-1950
Redman 1950-1970
Redmanews 1956-1959
Alumni News 1960-1970
Alumni Quarterly 1979-1995
Alumni Magazine 1996-2013

Other SJU Publications:
St. John’s University History Articles
St. John’s University Catalogs (Bulletins) 1870-
St. John’s University Advertising Brochures 1908-c.1933
St. John’s University Audio Collection
St. John’s University Student Handbooks 1934-
St. John’s University Image Collection
St. John’s University Commencement Programs
St. John’s University Faculty Authors
St. John’s Catechism in Sound Filmstrip 1951-1965
College Chronicle 1908-1925
Center for Teaching and Learning Newsletter 1994-2016
Rome MA-MBA Graduate Program Newsletter 2008-
Science Reporter 1965-1966
The St. John’s Chemist
Humanitas 1967-1971
Vincentian Center for Church and Society Newsletter 1994-2003
Living Vincentian Today
Review of Business 1964-current

Special Collections:
St. Joseph’s College for Women (Brooklyn) Collection
Halpern Collection of Popes and Saints Letters
Original Leaves from Famous Books – Nine Centuries 1122 A.D. – 1923 A.D.
Thomas F. Meehan Catholic History Collection
Carofano Collection (pharmacy)
Prints and Drawings Collection
Rev. John W. Moore, C.M. Family Papers, 1880-1925, 1983
Records of the Church of St. John the Baptist

Alphabetical List of Special Collections

Alfred Politz Papers
American Friends of Irish Neutrality (AFIN) Records, 1938-1952
American League for an Undivided Ireland (ALFUI) Records, 1940-1965
Arthur B. Carton Collection, 1921-1925
Baxter Collection
Bernadette Devlin Defense Fund Records, 1968-1971
*Carofano Collection (pharmacy)
Catholic Library Association Records, 1941-1990
Catholic Newspaper Collection
Children’s Historical Collection
Christopher J. Gorman Collection
Elaine M. Lilli Collection
F.H. Madison United States Naval Academy Plebe Exam Notebook 1894-1895
Fischer Lawn Tennis Collection
Gottscheer Heritage Preservation Collection
*Halpern Collection of Popes and Saints Letters
Harold Kleinsinger Collection, 1942-1979
Heller Collection of Stenography and Shorthand
James J. Finn Papers, 1918-1950
James L. Buckley Papers
Jollon Family Papers, 1898-1955
Joseph F. Keany Papers, 1886-1934
Limited Editions
Meyer Collection of Accounting
Paul O’Dwyer Papers
Rare Books
*Rev. John W. Moore, C.M. Family Papers, 1880-1925, 1983
Samuel Bayless Journal, 1859-1864
Seymour Halpern Papers
Southwest Lynbrook Civic Association Records, 1929-1956
St. John the Baptist Church, Records, 1873-1989
St. John’s University Scrapbook , 1870-1935
St. John’s University Sports Scrapbook Collection, 1907-1966
St. John’s University Student Organizations Collection
St. John’s University Student Publications Collection
*St. Joseph’s College for Women (Brooklyn) Collection
Student Composition Book, 1871-1874
Vincent Bavetta Collection, circa 1909-1940s
Westminster Cathedral Scrapbooks, 1899-1934
William Vaudrey Papers, 1829-1872

*Digital collection available online


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