“A Moment in Time”

The student-written blog posts in the series, “A Moment in Time,” are the outcome of a collaborative venture between Dr. Anne Geller, Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, and Dr. Blythe Roveland-Brenton, University Archivist (with the tremendous assistance of Alyse Hennig, Assistant Archivist).  Students choose items from the Archives’ collections that to them embody a distinct moment in time. These could include a photograph, letter, student composition, campus newspaper, glee club performance, or a strike placard. Each student formulates a research question and carries out an investigation that interprets and imparts to today’s audience a deeper insight into a past event — in its multiple social, historical, and/or cultural contexts.  Initially, we will use artifacts from the Archives that relate to the history of the University and especially to the student experience. The first few blog posts are by students from various disciplines and years who volunteered to participate in the project. In the future, students in a variety of classes at the university may write blog articles for A Moment in Time. The opportunity is also open to any other students at St. John’s who are interested.

We believe an institutional archive can be used effectively to spark intellectual discovery, help students learn how possible it is to make a visceral connection with primary documents, and understand how important it is to contribute our understandings to others.

Read the “A Moment in Time” blog posts:

The Spark: Looking at The Torch’s First Issue, by Natalie Hallak

Penmanship, Authorship, and the Certainty of Life, By Dean Kritikos

Pharmacy Grad’s Letters to Professor Kleinsinger During World War II, by Lynnette Henshaw


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