Yearbooks of St. John’s University
*yearbooks were not published all years within date ranges

Yearbook College Date Range
Vincentian St. John’s College 1918-current
Closing Entry College of Business Administration 1931-1964
Warrior School of Education 1951-1959
Warrior Evening Session, Queens campus 1960-1964
Pharmalog School of Pharmacy 1932-1959
Indian University College, Brooklyn campus 1934-1954
Johnsonian University College, Brooklyn campus 1955-1964
Tomahawk University College, School of Education, Junior College, College of Business Administration, Brooklyn campus 1965-1971
Tomahawk Staten Island campus 1972-1991
A Lion’s Tale Staten Island campus 1992-1995
A Time To Celebrate Staten Island campus 1996
Mission Staten Island campus 1997-2014
The Senior St. John’s Prep 1929
The Lamp St. John’s Prep 1930
Senior Shadows St. John’s Prep 1931-1941
Prep Shadows St. John’s Prep 1941-1972
Prep Horizons St. John’s Prep 1982
The Liber School of Law 1931-1933
Res Gestae School of Law 1940-2011
Moorings Notre Dame College of Staten Island 1939-1971

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