Exhibition: A Decade of Change: St. John’s University in the 1960s

On view December 2-22, 2014
St. Augustine Hall 3rd Floor

1960s logo largeThe University has witnessed enormous change since its humble beginnings on Lewis Avenue in Brooklyn in 1870. One of the most pivotal decades of all was that of the 1960s. The Queens campus expanded tremendously as the University’s Brooklyn presence shrunk, academic programs blossomed, the student body diversified and grew in numbers, the faculty unionized and had greater curricular input, and the administrative structure was altered to include more lay people on its Board and in senior positions. A faculty strike in 1966 marked a time of divisiveness and healing. The 1960s saw the University at the cusp between its first century of existence and the future. Change was in the air.

The curators of the exhibition are the graduate students in the course on Archives and Manuscripts (LIS 249), taught by Dr. Blythe E. Roveland-Brenton. The students are enrolled in the Library & Information Science and Public History master’s programs. Assistance was provided by Alyse Hennig.

Laura Andrews
Brian Awgul
Abigail Banks
Eileen Brennan
Alana Coulum
Valerie Denton
Kanisha Greaves
Lisa Ha
Alma Sakic
Sonali Sugrim
Brandon Williams


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